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Client: Neighborhood House

Location: Seattle, Washington

Completion: 2005

Project Size: 11,000 SF

Neighborhood House Rainier Vista

community facilities

“The team at EW was a joy to work with. They were respectful of our needs, supportive of our ambitious goals and patient in guiding us through two complex projects. They have the ability to bring together talented teams who can work effectively to create vibrant facilities that serve the needs of a diverse community.”

Mark Okazaki
Executive Director, Neighborhood House (Rainier Vista and High Point Centers)

This building serves Neighborhood House, a non-profit organization established to help diverse communities with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence and community building. The upper floor houses family support services, while the lower floor features a computer learning lab, an early education program for 40 children, and community meeting rooms of various sizes.

The building expresses the inclusive, empowering mission of Neighborhood House, and honors the diversity of the community through its variety of forms and materials. Vast expanses of glass throughout the building provide natural light on even the darkest winter days.

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