Georgetown Open Space Vision Plan


The neighborhood of Georgetown is historically the oldest in the Seattle. It remains one of the last neighborhoods in the city where residential and industrial coexist. The residents of the Georgetown neighborhood feel perhaps the greatest pinch in the City of Seattle to the quality of life; living between in an industrial neighborhood, a shipping corridor for the Port of Seattle, and having very little developed open space, there are few open space amenities to residents.  To address this concern the Seattle Parks Foundation commissioned a Green Space Vision Plan to compile all existing plans and information for greenspace in the community, while also polling the community’s sentiment about greenspace needs and concerns. To do this several community forums were held in parallel with agency and stakeholders meetings. The result is a comprehensive document that addresses the unique history of this neighborhood, juggles the complex relationships of a neighborhood that must meet many uses, and proposes designs that capitalize on the rich potential for more and better quality greenspace in this deserving neighborhood.

This project was designed by Barker Landscape Architects (now with Environmental Works).

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