Cedar Falls Overlook.jpg

Cedar Falls Overlook

North bend, wa

The Cedar River Watershed covers 90,638 acres and within it lies Cedar Falls. Our landscape team was hired by Seattle Public Utilities to design a replacement for a dilapidated wooden deck overlooking Cedar Falls. Designed to fit seamlessly into the existing landscape the new overlook comfortably supports large groups of children and adults touring the watershed. The overlook is designed to withstand high water conditions and potential impacts from drifting river logs. Clad with large boulders it appears to grow from the existing landscape while it’s railing design references industrial artifacts found near the site: an old trestle and mossy concrete plinths. New concrete plinths which support the railing are inlayed with a Muckleshoot basket weave pattern signifying salmon. Forrest Gardens constructed the overlook.

This project was designed by Barker Landscape Architects (now with Environmental Works).

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