Follow EWorks' progress on two of our projects

STRENGTH OF PLACE VILLAGE is a new affordable housing development located in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle.  Thirty dwelling units will provide homes for a diverse group of families.  The project is designed around a central courtyard that will provide a playground, garden space, bike parking and informal barbeque areas for the residents.  The project is designed to exceed Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards.  Click on the link to see the progress of Strength of Place Village as it happens on the site’s webcam.

 GREEN PLATE SPECIAL (GPS) is an independent garden-to-table pilot program, designed for at-risk and under-served youth in grades 6-8.  The initial pilot program is located in the Madrona-Central district, on the corner of East Union Street and Martin Luther King Junior Way.  Environmental Works is working with GPS to develop a small teaching kitchen for their site.

“Through gardening and cooking we will actively empower our next generation to take on new responsibilities and to make healthy choices regarding their bodies and their minds. GPS will teach practical everyday life skills with a focus on local and sustainable earth-healthy food. We will cultivate connections between the land, the food we eat, and the impacts of these elements on daily health and nutrition.” Laura Dewell, GPS Founder

Click on the link to Green Plate Special’s blog and watch them as they grow!