Bay Vista Senior Apartments : A New Home for Bremerton's Low-Income Seniors

March 2014 News

Seniors are often our most fragile citizens: from health to financial concerns, they struggle to maintain normalcy in their lives when everything around them is changing. In Environmental Works’ third collaboration with American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW), Beacon Development Group and Walsh Construction, Bay Vista is on track to open its doors in the fall of 2014 to low-income seniors living on the Kitsap peninsula. As part of a major redevelopment for the Bremerton Housing Authority, the Bay Vista Senior Apartments will provide 81 housing units as part of a larger campus-like community where amenities and affordability offer area seniors a respite from some of life’s worries. Environmental Works’ complementary design scheme brings a seamless feel to the overall community development. Bay Vista’s west facing courtyard greets residents with an outdoor gateway that guides them through a lush garden to the building entry, living and community spaces. Utilizing wall panels assembled off-site and high performance windows, the “kit-of-parts” design creates an efficient building envelope. A solar hot water system provides another sustainable feature that reduces energy usage and lowers utility bills. To encourage seniors’ interaction with their natural surroundings, Bay Vista’s abundant outdoor gardens include planters available for resident use – allowing seniors to grow vegetables that enhance their health and vitality.

The benefits of a third project collaboration with ABHOW, Beacon and Walsh are numerous – offering an extended learning opportunity that allows for process improvements to overall project implementation. These refinements allow each subsequent project to move fluidly from concept to completion, providing ABHOW and the community with senior housing that is sustainable and sensitive to the needs of its residents.

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