The Community Facilities Fund


Do people and places matter to you? Do you support sustainable, socially responsible, culturally appropriate design for buildings that serve people in need? If so, please donate to the Environmental Works Community Design Fund.

The need: nonprofits need design work and funding for facilities that serve their clients’ needs

Social service agencies frequently suffer from facilities that are too small, poorly designed, and not well-suited to their clients’ needs. Inadequate facilities impair nonprofits’ capacity to serve clients, be they children attending a child care center, people with disabilities living in the community, or survivors of domestic violence seeking housing.

While many nonprofits desperately need new or renovated facilities, they face numerous challenges in getting building and design projects off the ground. With overtaxed staffs, they frequently lack in-house capacity to plan and implement major facility projects. And until they perform project feasibility studies and master planning, they can’t obtain capital funding for these projects.

Environmental Works’ response

EW’s Community Design Fund pays for pre-design services for nonprofits at no cost to them. Your contribution will support:

  • Better facilities for people in need in WA.  Your donation will pay for high-quality, culturally and environmentally respectful, and socially responsible feasibility studies and planning that empower nonprofits to envision and obtain concrete plans for facilities that best suit their clients’ needs.

  • “Snowball” funding for well-designed facilities for nonprofits.  Designs from Environmental Works create a snowball effect: our clients are extremely successful at obtaining capital funding to move forward with building and renovations.

  • A regional commitment to community design: all donations to EW support pre-design services at no cost to nonprofits.  That means that every penny of your donation will support the cause of community-engaging design, coupled with EW’s decades of nonprofit architecture expertise, to create designs that are green, well-designed, socially responsible, efficient, economical, effective, and culturally respectful.

Sample projects supported by EW’s Community Design Fund

Denise Louie Education Center EW’s Community Design Fund underwrote a feasibility study that ultimately resulted in funding, renovation, and new construction to create a multi-cultural child care center serving 91 children, a new outdoor play area, and family counseling and support services facilities.

El Centro de la Raza.  EW’s Community Design Fund has supported several pre-design services for El Centro over the years, enabling them to perform critical energy, plumbing, planning, and seismic improvements.  El Centro’s safe, beautiful, and culturally appropriate facility now serves 18,000 individuals per year through 49 programs.

Neighborhood House High Point Center.  The Community Design Fund supported EW’s development of a feasibility plan for design and development of this new facility in the High Point neighborhood of Seattle.  The feasibility plan helped support Neighborhood House‘s successful fundraising campaign, and the creation of an amazing new facility that builds community with central gathering spaces and 16 programs including Head Start, employment coaching, citizenship classes, parenting support, language classes, and homework assistance.