Sally Knodell

Director of Architecture, community facilities lead

"My passion at Environmental Works springs from the opportunity to serve our clients - the people that envision, inhabit, and work in the buildings that we help create. I'm excited and honored to be a part of bringing these important community-based projects to life."

Community Facilities Studio leader Sally brings nearly three decades of experience to projects including child care centers, family resource centers, community centers, and offices for social service organizations. Sally’s deep understanding of the needs and regulatory requirements of child care centers results from working on over two dozen child care centers, and is enhanced by her training at Harvard’s Childcare Design Institute.

Sally co-wrote “Making A Place for Children”, a child care facility planning manual for the Washington State Office of Trade and Economic Development. On all her projects, Sally’s strong design solutions embody the missions and needs of Environmental Works’ non-profit clients. Sally is a Washington State licensed architect, a LEED accredited professional and a SEED accredited professional.

Representative projects include: