Hazel Heights P Patch1.jpg

Hazel Heights P Patch

Landscape architecture

The Hazel Heights P-Patch is located in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle. The Steering Committee, the P-Patch Trust, and the Seattle P-Patch Program worked with Barker to design this challenging site in a thorough design process, which included three public meetings and several Committee meetings, and collectively did an amazing fund raising and permit effort to realize he vision for the Hazel Heights P-Patch - create a vibrant, green open space and community garden within the residential neighborhood of Fremont for gardening, gathering, and enjoying the view. Twenty 100 square foot garden plots radiate out from the central plaza. This is a sufficient number of gardens to reach the critical mass necessary to sustain a diverse community of gardeners. This helps to support and maintain the communal gardens, plaza spaces, and adjacent steep slope plantings.

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