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Bradner Gardens Park


Bradner Gardens is a great and inspiring example of turning asphalt into a community park and garden and bringing the community together. Community volunteers worked with our team to design a master plan for Bradner Gardens Park in cooperation with the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation. The Friends of Bradner Gardens Park is a unique collaboration of residents of the Mt. Baker Community who maintain the gardens in cooperation with Parks staff. Bradner is a pesticide-free park that uses sustainable gardening practices. Bradner Gardens incorporates several exciting components in addition to the p-patch. These include demonstration gardens, children’s gardens, public open spaces, children’s play areas, wildlife habitat, a community building with photovoltaics and rain catchment, and a pond that captures site runoff which recirculates through the site with the help of the park’s landmark windmill.

This project was designed by Barker Landscape Architects (now with Environmental Works).

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